We pride ourselves on the satisfaction of our customers. Check out some of our featured testimonials below,
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Eric Harris - VP of Warehouse Operations, Costco
"Using MIMO at Costco has been very beneficial to our operation. We're seeing significant
labor savings and picking up additionalefficiencies that allow us to run our business more
effectively. MIMO has been well-received by our employees and intuitive to use.
[MIMO's staff] has gone the extra mile every step of the way!"

Universal Studios - Vault Staff
"We have had the pleasure of using multiple MIMOs since 2014 with much success.
They are very user-friendly, and have greatly reduced the time our cashiers take to receive and deposit banks and revenue. Cash and coin are secure, and banks no longer need to be [verified multiple times], freeing staff to perform other duties. We've realized many benefits, but most importantly
the customer service provided by the MIMO team has been exceptional."