The cash and coin recycling solution you love
is getting a lot more...mini.

Everyone's cash management needs are different, so why pay for what you don't need? Standing less than 4.5 tall, and only 16 inches wide, Mini-MIMO is the most economical of all our MIMO products. This much more compact framework is perfect for those with a lower cash volume, and a smaller amount of available space.

MIMO was engineered to increase your bottom line by automating
cash-handling operations for your business. Mini-MIMO allows you to enjoy the speed and accuracy that made MIMO famous, in a much smaller package. Seamless hardware and software upgrades make this hotly anticipated MIMO sibling a trustworthy addition to any business, no matter your size.

Pint-sized, microscopic, itsy-bitsy.
Whatever you want to call it...small is the new big!